Detention members of BNP

On Sunday (September 6) Andrey Egorov and Irina Sukhy were detained.

In this regard, the BNP EaP CSF, Green Network and Ecohome issued a joint statement. The statement was supported by the members organizations.

The EaP CSF Monitoring Mission has released their final monitoring report on Belarus.

The presidential elections in Belarus were overshadowed by a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters and the political opposition. In light of the political situation in the country, the EaP CSF formed a Monitoring Mission to observe all stages of the election process, while also taking note of further political and social developments in and around Belarus in post-monitoring period.

Position of BNP. We are calling for dialogue and new elections.

Presidential Elections in Belarus on 09.08.2020 have been accompanied by massive violations of human rights and can by no means be regarded as free, transparent and democratic. During the whole rally the state government has been deliberately hindering the free expression of will by citizens which included prosecution against alternative candidates and their team members; (cyber)bullying and repressions towards bloggers, journalists, activists and ordinary citizens; massive manipulations and fraud during the voting process.

BNP leadership: provocation the growth of discrimination is unacceptable

Coordination Committee of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is full of deep disappointment and regret to have learnt that the “Open hearts” fund is requesting the Presidential Administration “to initiate the adoption of the law on the prohibition of propaganda and public demonstration of homosexuality and other sexual perversions to minors” and establishing criminal liability for such actions.

Октябрь 2020
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