BNP: elections cannot be recognized as free and democratic

The Coordinating Committee of the Belarusian National Platform has adopted a statement on the current electoral situation in Belarus. Based on the facts of mass violations of the rights of citizens, the BNP believes that at this stage the elections cannot be recognized as free and democratic.

The BNP calls on the Belarusian authorities to end mass human rights violations, to release all political prisoners and administrative detainees, to launch a broad public dialogue on acknowledging the numerous violations of the electoral process, and on calling new elections.

The BNP asks the European Union institutions to adopt the EU’s official position on the inconsistency of the presidential election in Belarus with international standards, to reconsider the principles of cooperation with the Belarusian authorities and to strengthen support for Belarusian civil society.

The BNP statement is open to all Belarusian civil society organizations.

Full text of the statement: