Belarusan National Platform of the Civil Society assessed the presidential election campaign 2015

The participants of the conference “The National Platform development: new challenges, new strategies”, which took place on November 28-29 in Minsk, summed up the results of the presidential election.



of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

“On the socio-political situation in Belarus after the presidential elections”


On the final assessment of the presidential elections

Basing on estimates of the presidential election, made by the participants of the Belarusian National Platform, namely, the published reports of the Belarusian human rights organizations in the framework of the campaign «Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections» and the Belarusian Association of Journalists in the monitoring of «Presenting the presidential elections in 2015 in the Belarusian media,» we state:

  • Presidential Elections in 2015 can not be considered free, open and equal;
  • The election results can not be considered a reflection of the will of the voters;

This assessment is based on the following facts noted by the representatives of civil society organizations:

  • The election process did not meet key international standards for democratic and free elections;
  • During the elections there was no equal access to the media for all candidates;
  • The activities of election commissions during the elections can not be called unbiased;
  • During the election administrative resource was widely used in favor of the incumbent president;
  • Numerous cases of coercion of voters to participate in early voting have been reported during the elections;
  • The vote count remained opaque and closed for observation.

We also have to admit that the opposition political forces are still at the stage of preparation for the elections did not use the existing political opportunity to build a constructive dialogue both among themselves and with the civil society of the country for developing a consolidated strategy for action in the election campaign. This behavior long before the start of the campaign made politically meaningless any part in it. In fact, all the actions of the Belarusian opposition forces such as those that took part in the elections in various forms, as well as those that emerged from the process shortly before the start of the election campaign played on the side of the acting regime.

Strife and conflicts between opposition forces regarding participation or non-participation (on the eve of the campaign, and while it is), as well as their actions during the elections only led to an artificial interest originally illegitimate and manipulative electoral process in the absence of real control over its quality and compliance with generally accepted international norms.

Thus, the overall result — opaque and undemocratic elections – is primarily the responsibility of Belarusian authorities, but, to some extent, all the key personalities of the Belarusian political opposition are also responsible for that.

Participants of the Belarusian National Platform call on all stakeholders to dialogue on the current state of the political situation in the country as well as joint actions aimed at changing it. Without such a dialogue, we see no opportunity for meaningful action and avoiding simulation in the political plane.


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