Urgent appeal

We shall remind that the well-known philosopher and methodologist Uladzimir Matskevich was detained on August, 4th, 2021. He was accused of the organization and preparation of actions that violently break public order (Part 1, Article 342, Criminal Code of Belarus). Uladzimir Matskevich declares that this prosecution is the prosecution for thoughtcrime. The investigation period of Matskevich’s case ended on February, 4th, but his period under guard was prolonged. These circumstances compelled Uladzimir Matskevich to make an extreme step — he started his hunger-strike on February, 4th, in order to achieve the implementation of his demands. Since February, 15th, if his demands are not met, he is going to start his dry hunger-strike that will soon have its irreversible consequences for his organism — up to his death.

We also urge the international mass media and journalists to authentically cover the situation in a timely fashion. And we ask all non-indifferent citizens to sign the petition.

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Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum | National Platform Belarus