BNP leadership: provocation the growth of discrimination is unacceptable

The Coordinating Committee of the Belarusian National Platform EaP SCF adopted a statement about the initiative on the criminal liability  on the on the prohibition of propaganda and public demonstration of homosexuality. BNP leaders are convinced of the inadmissibility of public actions that lead to an increase in the level of discrimination in society.

Statement by the Coordinating Committee is a reaction to the initiative of the Foundation «Open Heart» and the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus. They sent to the Presidential Administration «the collective requesting initiation about the adoption of the law on the promotion of prohibition and the public demonstration of homosexuality, and other sexual perversions to minors» and the introduction of criminal liability for such action.

BNP leaders called on managers of Foundation ‘Open Hearts’ and the Roman Catholic Church to withdraw its statement, and the state authorities of Belarus — start the development of anti-discrimination legislation.

All the details you can find in the full text of the statement of the BNP EaP SCF Coordinating Committee: