BNP and EaP CSF are observing the presidential election in Belarus

The EaP CSF Monitoring Mission to Belarus has been formed based on the suggestions of the EaP CSF Belarusian National Platform, the support of the EaP CSF Steering Committee and the participation of experts representing EaP CSF members.
Due to ongoing mass repressions in the pre-election period in Belarus, the EaP CSF launched the Monitoring Mission to assess the adherence of Belarusian authorities to political and human rights standards during the presidential elections. The multi-country mission will collect information on the integrity of the election process and political freedoms, state of civil society and media and human rights abuses and develop forward-looking recommendations to the domestic and international stake-holders on the approach to the country and support to the civil society in the post-election period that might be marred by violence.
Due to current travel restrictions, the mission will have a combined online and offline approach. The mission is composed of three experts from non-Belarus countries, including one mission leader, and three local experts who are members of the Belarusian National Platform.
The principal methods for the collection of information are desk research and semi-structured interviews, facilitated by the BNP mission members. The interviews will include the media, civil society representatives, lawyers, representatives of political initiatives, representatives of major international institutions in Minsk, including the EU Delegations and embassies of the EU and EaP member states.