The position CC BNP on the need to suspend the launch of the BelNPP

The Coordinating Committee of the Belarusian National Platform Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum expresses solidarity and full support for the statement of the Belarusian Anti-Nuclear Campaign on the planned launch of the BelNPP and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We draw the attention of the Belarusian authorities to the need to suspend the construction of the BelNPP and fulfill all the requirements contained in the Statement of the Belarusian Anti-Nuclear Campaign attached to this document.

We ask the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus to convey to the EU authorities the position of the Coordination Committee of the BNP EaP CSF and the content of the Belarusian Anti- Nuclear Campaign Statement in view of the potential danger of the situation not only for Belarus, but also for the EU member states.

The full text of the position and statement below: